True Blue Craps Table Small with Croupiers (Casino Games) in Orlando


True Blue Craps Table comes with two croupiers for three hours. A favorite choice of "action players" in any casino. As this is a more complex game than some of the others, our staff will open the table with a 10-15 minute lesson. The game is played with two pairs of dice. The dice rotate from player to player. The initial roll of the dice generates either an immediate winner with a roll of 7 or 11, or an immediate loser with a roll of 2,3 or 12. If none of these rolls is the first roll, your "point" is established. You need to roll this number again in some combination before rolling a 7 in order to win. Croupiers have been trained to utilize the table to its' fullest extent. They understand the use of "come" bets, "field" bets, "hard ways", "place" bets and "odds" bets. We are happy to assist each player with these various bets!

True Blue Craps Table Small with Croupiers

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