Roll A Ball Race 10 Player (Carnival Games) in Orlando, Florida


Just like the State Fair, your guests will walk up to one of the most impressive games available for indoor use. The horse race is truly a crowd stopper from its chrome edged stools, to the flashing overhead lights, to the sound system it’s impossible to walk past. The only rival to the look of the Roll A Ball is the action the guests receive. From the sound of the bell, the cue balls are released simultaneously to all players, starting the rolling frenzy as they attempt to propel their horses to the finish line. To even the odds, there are nine holes in which the balls can go. Three run, three trot, and three walk. The race ends to the sound of a bell, the corresponding numbered light of the winning player stays light so all know who won. The balls are lock back up in the unit, the horses return the starting line, and the race is ready to run again. We have both an 8 player and 10 player horse race available for any event. The horse race rental is a perfect piece for any corporate event, social gathering, or brand activation. With a wide array of customization options you can make this game your own.

Additional Requirements:

3-20 amp

Roll A Ball Race 10 Player

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