Video - PopNoggins Share (Photo Booths and Video Activities) in Orlando, Florida


The name says it all. Share. We live in a time where each moment is documented and spread across the world via social media sites. Why not share these moments, too? Before you could walk away from PopNoggins with just a DVD in hand, but times have changed! We are giving you a way to automatically share your fun with your friends, family, and the world easily! Each Powered by PopNoggins product can now be quickly uploaded and posted to various social media sites! Facebook allows you to upload photo’s and videos. You can take your PopNoggins video, Flip Movies video, or Close Ups magazine cover and have them posted automatically! Twitter gives you the option to share even more! Thanks to Twitpic you can upload your PopNoggins and Flip Movies videos, along with any other product we offer. The animated Bobble Noggins, Facet Photo Cube and others are ready to be shared! YouTube is known for it’s funny videos. Wouldn’t you like to show off your stuff? You can upload both the PopNoggins video and your Flip Movies video so the world can see! You will also be happy to know that each file created when you use our products can be saved to an FTP (file transfer protocol) site of your choosing. This is a valuable asset to have. Long after the event you can access all that was produced.

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1 - 20 amp

Video - PopNoggins Share

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