BOBBLE NOGGINS ARE A GREAT PARTY FAVOR! Bobble Noggins has over 70 bodies to choose from, and now you have the option to create custom bodies to fit the demographic you are reaching out to. Another bonus is that the Bobble Noggins bodies have received upgraded stands to keep your custom bobble head standing strong! Bobble Noggins are the perfect answer for anyone that loves Bobble Heads. Now you can have a customized Bobble Noggin that isn’t a professional athlete or other celebrity. Anyone can take home a lasting memory with a custom Bobble Noggin. Bobble Noggins are customized Bobble Heads created using green screen technology and an instant photo taken during the event. A custom cutout is created by superimposing the party guests heads with over 70 different bodies. Attendees line up to get their pictures taken in front of a basic green screen and then mix and match with the body of their choice. Once the souvenir is assembled, it’s time to start wobbling those bobbling heads! What a great memory to take home from any event. With Bobble Noggins you can also create custom GIFs for posting online using the Bobble Head App. You can do fast sharing and design with easy drag and drop options. Drag a snapshot over a body and click the “Create Bobble Noggin” button. Print the picture and load it into a robo-cutter, then remove the cutout and attach it to a Bobble Noggin body with easy Bobble attachers. In minutes, your custom Bobble Head is ready. Quick and easy setup make these the perfect way to ensure that everyone remembers your event. Price is for 4 hours.

Additional Requirements:

1 - 20 amp

Bobble Noggins

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