Event Options Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Event Options?

Event Options is a web-based marketplace for event products and services. We aggregate all of the inventory from multiple suppliers in each market, providing our customers with all the information they need to search for the perfect items for their event.

How do I get started and place an order?

1.    Register on the Event Options website.

2.    Create an event.

3.    Shop and add items to the event cart.

4.    Place an order.

How do you offer so many items?

            We aggregate all the event inventory from quality suppliers that service each location.

What if I want a specific item but can’t find it on your website?

We have a constant backlog of inventory that we are loading from our event suppliers. If you have seen an item that you would like but can’t find it on our website, we can help. Email us at eo@event-options.com or give us a call at 888-566-9967, we probably know which supplier(s) own that item in the location of your event.

What if I need a product or service from an event category that is not on your website?

We are a full-service event planning company and will be adding more categories to the website over time. Our Event Planners are available to assist with other services and products that you do not see on the website including entertainment, music, linens, tents florals and more. Give us a call at 888-566-9967 or email us at eo@event-options.com and we will be glad to help.



Are you more expensive than if I went direct to a supplier?

No, we pride ourselves on price transparency. The prices listed on the Event Options website are the same prices offered by the suppliers that own those items.

How do I know that I am getting the best price?

In the case that several suppliers own the same item, our website provides the price from the least expensive supplier.

What if I need an item for several days?

Each supplier uses different pricing guidelines for items needed for more than 1 day. For example, some suppliers use the same rate for days 1 thru 5, regardless of the number of days needed. Other suppliers will charge the day rate for each day used. If your event is more than 1 day, knowing the actual rental price for the duration needed could be a factor in which items you order.

 To help you, Event Options calculates and displays the pricing for each item based on the pricing guidelines of the supplier and duration required.

 Is there a delivery fee?

Yes. Suppliers charge for a delivery, setup, and pickup fee based on certain guidelines. Event Options uses those guidelines to calculate the total delivery fee for an order.


Is there someone at Event Options that can assist me?

Yes, please call us at 888-566-9967, email us at eo@event-options.com. or visit our chat link at www.event-options.com. We are ready to help you with event ideas, suggestions, how to use the website, or any questions you may have.

What is the difference between a Single Event and a Multi-Day Event?

A Single Event has products delivered to one location for an event that has one setup day and one pick up day. Pick-up can be the same day or several days later. Price will depend on total days required.


A Multi-Day Event can have multiple Single Events at various times and locations over a number of days. Multi-Day Events can include Sales Meetings, Incentive Trips, Conferences, and Conventions.




How far out from my event date should I place an order?

You should place an order as soon as you know the items you want for your event so we can guarantee availability.

Is there a minimum order?

Event Options does not have a minimum order. However, many suppliers do have a minimum order. If you would like to make sure the items in your order meet the supplier minimums, please give us a call at 888-566-9967 or email us a copy of your order to review at eo@event-options.com.

After I place an order, how will I know the items are available for my event?

After you place an order, all suppliers are notified and will respond to Event Options with the availability of each item. If all items are available, we will confirm the order. If any of the items are not available, we will contact you with available options. Online you will be able to select the item(s) you would like to use and update your order.

Who delivers the items?

While Event Options manages the entire delivery process, the supplier(s) that own the items ordered deliver directly to the event.

How do I get the best value for my event?

Our Event Planners look at your entire order holistically. Since we are aware of supplier items, quantities and prices, our Event Planners are equipped to advise you on the best option that will provide the best value and minimize your rental costs and delivery fees.



What payment methods can I use?

We provide the ability for credit cards online. If you would like to make a payment by wire, check or other alternative, please speak with one of our Event Planners at 888-566-9967. All of our prices are quoted with a 4% cash discount. If paying with a credit card, the 4% cash discount does not apply.

What are the payment terms?

A deposit is required to ensure the items ordered are committed to your event. The balance is due 14 days prior to the event.

Deposit Schedule
• 121 days or more prior to the event date - 20% deposit
• 61 to 120 days prior to the event - 50% deposit
• 22 to 60 days prior to the event date – 80% deposit
• 21 days or less prior to the event – 100% deposit

What does it mean that my payment is held until the order is confirmed?

When you place the original order or update your order, we do not process the payment – it is in a held status. When we confirm the availability of all items and delivery rate, we then process the payment.

Are there any additional fees?

When you place your order, all Event Options costs and fees are disclosed. Additional 3rd party fees may be charged by your venue such as costs for electricity, rigging, drayage, or other services. In addition, governmental fees for permits, fire watch or other required services may be needed.