About Us: Event Options

We are event professionals that have owned and operated event companies which produced corporate events all over the globe. When sourcing for the best products and services for a particular event, it would often take days and multiple requests for suppliers to eventually provide the specs on the items they owned – prices, quantity, colors, sizes, materials, pictures, as well as their multiday rates, minimum order, delivery fee and more. We would then spend days reviewing and consolidating all the information from various sources - word, excel, PowerPoint, pdfs, emails, and websites – to choose the ideal items we would include within the presentation for our client. Crazy, right?

At Event Options, we eliminate those inefficiencies for the entire event ecosystem. We aggregate all of the inventory from multiple suppliers in each market, providing our customers with all the data they need to search for perfect items for their event. Our simple to use website allows our customers to:

Our event professionals can:

It is our goal to make the search, ordering and delivery of event products and services seamless, convenient and at the lowest cost possible.