Selfie Photo Kiosk (Photo Booths) in Orlando


Everyone loves to take selfie’s by themselves and with friends. With our deluxe selfie booth you can do just that! Step right up and take a photo. After your done you can choose from some different Instagram like filters, get your photo printed out, and then email it or share it with your friends! If your a company is looking to increase their social media presence, then you can incorporate a hashtag with the upload and have all of those photos tie back into your brand or event. The Selfie booth allows you to customize pretty much anything. Add a logo to the photo or make your own frames! The booth also features two rings of LED strips that can be changed to the color of your logo or brand. Want even more customization then add your logo to the front and sides of the booth itself for some subtle branding. The selfie booth is perfect for those trade show traffic builders or for some good entertainment at a private social gathering. Rent the deluxe selfie booth and your guest will have fun for hours at your reception or gathering. If you want more than just a selfie booth then you can also add separate sharing kiosk with print stations. You can even take all the photos from the booth or booths and put them into a Instant Mosaic Wall. Have your images feed in real time to a mosaic that can be displayed on almost any screen. Make the mosaic your logo or any picture you want! Don’t wait to book your photo experience! Ask about the other packages we have including event photographers! When you hire us you hire a professional staff that have experience in the event industry. Price is for 4 hours.

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Selfie Photo Kiosk

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